All that we do is Replicable. Scalable. Global.

We started this company as, having had personal experience we were not satisfied with the status quo.

Our integrated, disruptive digital platforms and products, with big data capture and analytics at the core will drive growth and enhanced performance for all parties.

In 2017 we set out on a milestone journey of five key stages.

We are dedicated to serving the worldwide hospitality sector.

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EIS Approved & R&D Tax Credits Secured!


We focus on additives to deliver enhanced performance to customers in the lucrative hospitality sector such as Payments, Banking & Finance, Human Resources and the Supply Chain. 

Big Data Capture

Our platform and products will centralise and harmonise data to unlock meaningful insights, enable real time opportunities to be acted on and to steer companies in profitable new directions.


Unique Value Chain

We combined a competitively advantaged platform and marketplace with our data base and distinctive disruptive software solutions to serve the hospitality sector globally.

Attractive Margins

Our operating margins are sustained through the quality of our products and platforms and the delivery to our customers of enhanced serves through strong partnerships and innovation. 

Strong Partnerships

Our partners fuel our growth, extend our product/service offerings, expand our geographical reach to aid customer acquisition and develop a unique hospitality marketplace.